Playing with Apple's COVID-19 Mobility Data for India

Saturday, June 13, 2020

I came across Apple’s COVID-19 mobility dataset in mid-May. Instantly, I was curious. I have been interested in understanding how the world is changing ever since the pandemic begam, and thinking about what it means in the short and long-term.

As I started exploring the data and seeing some interesting patterns in there, I started thinking about if there were ways I could share it and make it public. Of course, there’s always Jupyter Notebooks, but I don’t enjoy making my notebooks overtly formal and presentable.

Around that time, I remembered streamlit (a UI framework for converting simple Python apps into websites) as something I had wanted to try for a few months. Next question: How do I host it? Well, I had heard and read about Heroku1 being a simple and fast way to deploy websites and web apps.

Lo and behold, it all came together over a weekend into something I like. I just updated it today with more recent data and some additional notes.

  1. I host my website using Netlify, which is great for static-sites. There is probably a way to get streamlit to output a static site, but I went with the easiest path to get it out there. ↩︎